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So, I decided to start taking in requests after almost a year of hiding from flamethrowers from my previous site (Don’t ask) I already created a form for the stories which can be found here. I may update pretty late sometimes because of a million summer classes.

I’ll also be starting a new story soon. Look forward to it!

Bring me the camera!

Bring me the camera!

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Hiii. :) I like your blog x  @Anonymous

Aww! Thank you! :)) By the way, go off anon?

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Wherever you are, mystery Directioner…THANK YOU!

Okay, I just had an amazing experience! And I hope that mystery Directioner sees this - J

Earlier today, I went outside to a bookstore to buy myself a weekly planner. I stopped searching and decided to go look for a new book. While going through the shelves, I tripped over someone’s foot. That person helped me up and I saw her wearing pigtails, a cute blue shirt, jeans, knee cut Converse, and thick black glasses. She apologized and I saw her reading a copy of Dare to Dream. She talked to me for hours about how she loved the boys since X Factor and how she’ll save up for a plane ticket to England. She was older than me, around 15 or 16.

I knew she was a hard core Directioner. She told me a bunch of facts I never knew. I asked her, “What will be the first thing you do when you meet them personally?”

She laughed and simply answered, “Tell them ‘Thank you.’”


“I want to thank them for making me realize my dream. I never knew I wanted to be a singer so badly. That’s why I want to travel to England and study, not fan girl.”

She gave me her Silly Bandz that spelled “1D”. “I hope you find your own dreams too. And when you do, pass it to another Directioner who doesn’t know their dream.”

She left. But before leaving, she told me “Good luck! And when 1D comes here, tell them I said ‘thank you!’”

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I really don’t understand why when people think of Louis Tomlinson, all they can think of is that he’s the “funny one.” Do you know what I think when I see Louis?



I see a guy that truly loves kids.Which I think is one of the best qualities a guy can have.

I see a guy who loves his family with all of his heart..

And I see a guy who truly, truly, loves all of his fans. 

I love Louis with all my heart, and yes, he is hilarious, but understand that he has so  many layers to him. He’s so much more than just the “funny one.”


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